What is the difference between a chiropodist and podiatrist?

The titles Chiropodist and Podiatrist are legally protected and can only be used by someone with a recognised qualification. They must also be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).
The term chiropody has been traditionally used in the UK for many years and refers to the treatment of the skin and nails of the feet. However, Podiatrist is the modern, internationally recognised title for foot specialists. To be a Podiatrist you must have completed, as a minimum, a 3 year degree at a recognised School of Podiatry. Podiatrists have a much wider scope of practice and are qualified to provide a whole range of treatment for the lower limb including: gait analysis, foot pain management, insoles and orthotics, minor skin and nail surgical procedures, prescription only medications, diabetic foot health and general foot care.


Is there free parking?

There is free parking for 1 hour directly opposite the clinic. Alternatively, there is a council owned car park about 5 minutes from the clinic (next to Waitrose) with free parking for 2 hours.


How can I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, simply call our reception team on 01962 854222 or fill in the form available on our website and we will contact you. Alternatively, email us on info@winchesterpodiatry.co.uk.


Do you need a referral?

No, we are a private practice so you can simply book an appointment and no referral is required.


Can I claim the cost of podiatry treatment on my health insurance?

Yes, most health insurance companies will allow you to do this but please do check with your provider first. If required, we will provide you with a receipt to allow you to claim back your treatment costs.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

If you are booked for a routine appointment just yourself and a list medication you are currently taking.
If you need a biomechanical assessment or have foot pain, please wear loose clothing to allow free movement and also bring the shoes you are most active in.