Ingrown Toenail

If toenails are excessively curved, they can cause pressure on the groove of skin next to the nail (sulci) and cause discomfort and often callus or corns. Sometimes the nail edge can penetrate the surrounding skin or a splinter of nail pierces the skin and this can cause pain, swelling and infection.


At Winchester Podiatry our experienced podiatrists will make a full assessment of your needs and help you decide on the right treatment option for you. Treatments may include:


  • Regular podiatry treatments to help you manage the nails and keep them pain free
  • Suggestions for self-care and advice on nail cutting techniques to avoid ingrowing toenails in the future.
  • Nail Surgery


This is a simple, minor surgical procedure and usually takes about 1-1 ½ hours. It is a highly successful, permanent solution to problematic, painful and ingrown toenails.


Nail Surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic so is pain free. Depending on your needs either a small section of nail (partial nail avulsion) or the entire nail (total nail avulsion) will be removed. A chemical is then used to stop the problematic section of nail growing back. Producing an acceptable cosmetic result is always a priority at Winchester Podiatry.


Our Nail Surgery Package includes:

  • Nail Surgery under local anaesthetic.
  • Post-operative dressings for 2 weeks.
  • Follow-up appointments as needed until the surgery site has fully healed.
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