Swift Microwave Therapy


Winchester Podiatry is one of the few practices in the UK to offer the effective `needling` procedure for Verrucae. It is believed to work by destroying the infected skin cells which then creates a controlled inflammatory response and stimulates the body’s immune system to destroy the virus. This treatment has been successfully used by practitioners worldwide for over 40 years. It differs from most other treatments as it requires only one, occasionally two, applications and a small dressing for just 48 hours post operatively. You can even lightly shower the area 24 hours following the procedure.


Needling is carried out painlessly under a local anaesthetic. The verruca is punctured (with a small sterile needle) multiple times so that the viral particles are exposed to the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin, where the body is rich in immune regulators. This triggers a localised cell-mediated response, which can stimulate the immune system to recognise and destroy the virus. Treatment of only one verruca is required, even where there are many lesions, as spontaneous regression often occurs in all verrucae following the needling procedure.

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